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Shiloh never disappoints.

Stolen - Shiloh Walker

** It's been 2 weeks since I've read this book


Shiloh Walker's books remain full of awesome. I have yet to read one that I didn't enjoy. I've been having a little trouble lately finding a romantic suspense that actually satisfies my expectations but Shiloh kind of knows exactly what I want from a good book. It helps that there is a second chance romance in this one. I am a sucker for those.


The book starts of nicely, not making us wait for the good stuff. We meet our main characters, feel the sexual tension between them and learn that someone has stolen Shay's secret identity as an author.


Shay has a traumatic past that keeps her up at night and prevents her from trust people. She can barely survive with her sanity intact. The scars of what happened to her run deep (mentally and physically) and she doesn't want to burden anyone else with that knowledge. And to a certain extent she is right to do that, judging by Elliot's reaction, I can definitely see why she kept that knowledge to herself.


However, this woman who has been emotionally, mentally and physically traumatized is NOT weak. She is not the kind of person to wait for someone to come around and rescue her. She takes matters in her hands. She takes action. She is strong and has a lot of will power and is overall a very likable female lead.


Elliot. Elliot is perfect. Yes perfect is not a term I use a lot (okay maybe I lie) but he is the perfect guy for Shay. He had the guts to break up with a woman he loved because he knew she would never trust him, to stay around and hope for something that wouldn't happen wouldn't be fair to him and he realized that. Not a lot of people would. They would hold on to the scraps of a failing relationship (because let’s face it, a relationship that is not built on trust, is going to fail, even if the people happen to love each other).  But I like how he never pushed her to tell him, not when they were dating and not in the present. He waited for her to trust him enough to tell him. What I also liked was his patience with her. Even when Shay tells him what happened, he realizes he needs to go slow with her, be gentle. I realize this makes Shay sound like a fragile porcelain doll but she isn't one. She has a backbone and a strong will power. She doesn't want to remain powerless when it comes to the past, she wants to be able to overcome her nightmares and asks Elliot for his help. 


The mystery/suspense was everything I ever wanted from a romantic suspense. I don't like the twists you find in this genre, they are predictable and it always seems as though the author is trying hard to make it interesting. It didn't happen with Stolen though, the person behind everything that had been happening was not predictable but it hadn't come out of nowhere, the author gave us enough clues to figure it out for ourselves if we had tried (and I even came sort of close). 


The romance as you can obviously tell was great. It wasn't angst filled or even dramatic; in fact they resolve their issues very early on in the book. They don't try to hide their feelings. They talk. They communicate. Which is why they make a great couple. 


The book is well paced, full of suspense and keeps you on the edge. It's was a fun read and incredibly refreshing.