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So much better than the 6th book :D

Come Alive  - Karina Halle

When I first found out that this book would be written in Dex's POV I was beyond excited. I had read and loved And With Madness Comes Light and felt like if anyone could pull of a male-pov it would be Karina. I was right.


Although I didn't think I was at first. After the initial excitement wore off, I started remembering what Dex was like. Now we all love Dex, but I wasn't sure if I wanted to spend a whole book in his perverted mind. When I started the book for the first 11% percent I had been right. I wasn't enjoying the book and Dex was starting to *gasp* annoy me .


But then things turned around. Then the creepiness and other things came in and I started remembering why I, why we, all were in love with Dex in the first place. 


This is one of my favorite series. It's creepy and original and this book didn't change that. 


This book takes us to the city of New Orleans, which (I think) is well known for voodoo magic. We have that but this book also has zombies. As in real life scary ass zombies. I've never been a huge zombie fan. I am not sure why that is but when it comes to Karina, I don't seem to mind anything. She has this brilliant way of crafting an amazingly unique story. The horror and creepiness levels went up by a couple of notches in this one which was relieving because honestly, the 6th book had not done it for me. It wasn't nearly as good as I had hoped it would be after the awesomeness of the 5th one but Come Alive did not disappoint. Although I'll admit to missing the ghosts.


What I was really glad to see was that even though this was written in Dex's Pov, he didn't overshadow Perry. Perry wasn't just 'a character' she was still one of the main characters. She managed to stand out as someone who wasn't just Dex's love interest and someone Dex spend almost the whole book lusting after. Karina gave Perry a voice and it was almost as strong as Dex's. She remained as strong and lovable as always. 


Dex managed to surprise me though. He surprised me by being a good narrator but even more of a good character. Sexual innuendoes and jokes aside, Dex was actually an incredibly likable character. In fact when Perry had her doubts about Ambrosia, he may have chalked them up to jealousy but he at least followed up on them just to be sure because he respected her and her opinions. She wasn't just a piece of ass to him. The thing about Dex is he manages to show depth at the most surprising of moments, he is such a charming and hilarious character that you sometimes forget that he can be serious as well. I might not have agreed with some of his decisions but I respect them. 


We were also reunited with one of our (not so beloved) characters, Max. I never really liked Max in all honesty. Maybe because I was too busy holding the Dex flag. He was alright in the 2nd book but in the 5th one I had come to hate him. So I wasn't too happy when he was redeemed and when his true identity came to surface. There are several reasons for this but I don't want to spoil anything so I won't elaborate.


The 6th book left us with a very shaky ground for Dex and Perry's relationship. After the incident of the 4th book, Perry wasn't sure she could trust Dex so easily but she realized she needed him. Their relationship finally blooms in this book though, after 7 books of waiting for the two to admit to each other that they love the other, it FINALLY happened and it worked out beautifully. 


This book, though not my favorite in the series, was a great installment. There was creepy, awesome, romance, heartbreak and let's not forget Dex's incredibly amusing wit. It was a good addition to the series and fans should definitely pick this up asap. 



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