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Ashes to Ashes - Karina Halle

“Only there’s no lighthouse this time. As shit-your-pants scary as that Old Roddy fucker was, we’ve got a school of dead children. But we can handle it. And if we can’t, well that’s what Jack Daniels is for.”


THIS is what I’ve been waiting for. For the past 2 books THIS was what was missing. This is, hands down, the best book in the series.


The creepy goes up a couple of notches. The romance becomes even better and the characters; well we have Rebecca this time around so everything in this book is more awesomer than it has ever been before. Hell Dex and Perry are FINALLY a couple so yes things are definitely different but a good different.


This book goes back to where everything started, Oregon. But this time around we are in a school of dead children.


The book starts with Perry getting a tattoo in honor of Dex. We all know Dex can be a little insecure when it comes to how Perry feels about him (and he actually has a good reason to be) so this also serves as a reassurance. What really bothered me was that it seemed as though Dex hadn’t told Perry what he learned from Max in Come Alive. Dex really needs to stop keeping secrets from Perry.


Pippa was back too so I was really happy. I may not have read her short novella but she is one of my favorite characters in the series. She has a great background story and despite being Perry’s grandmother she isn’t always warm and grandmotherly, she kind of does border on the edge of creepy because well, she isn’t alive. We cannot even be sure that she is a ghost.


While we’re still talking about Pippa I also have to say that I am annoyed that Perry always doubts Pippa’s advice, shouldn’t she know better by now? I have to give her credit though, she doesn’t completely dismiss it; it hovers at the back of her mind until well she realizes Pippa may be onto something with her ‘feelings’. That was my only grievance when it came to Perry. Aside from that I was really glad to read in her POV again. I may have enjoyed the 7th book but nothing beats Perry’s POV. Perry has come such a long way from the first book. She has developed so much and has finally learned to stand up on her own feet. She may still be slightly insecure about her body but she’s getting there.



Even Dex has come such a long way. Yes he still annoys me with the amount of secrets he keeps but even I cannot fault him about the whole thing with Rebecca. Yes he didn’t tell her but it didn’t concern her, it happened in the past. I still continue to be surprised by how sincere he can be. I should know better by now but those moments are so rare that I cannot help but treasure them. But he is supportive no matter what and will always be there for Perry no matter what.


Their romance was at its best in this book. Now that they have finally worked through their issues, they can work together as a couple. I had the best time watching them do just that. To finally talk about these ghosts they see, to talk about their future both career wise and relationship wise. It was great.


THE PLOT THOUGH. HOLY CRAP. It was great. So so so great. There was so much creepy and so much scary. I had goosebumps. I always enjoy how these books aren’t about getting rid of the ghosts but rather about finding their stories and sharing that. They may be special but they don’t have superpowers. They cannot just get rid of ghosts; they can only help them by sharing their stories.


One of the other things that happened was that Perry talked to her parents. The reunion was absolutely hilarious. All the awkwardness made me laugh but the thing about Perry’s mother came as a surprise. I am curious to see how things will go.


That ending though, I CANNOT. WHY? I am going to like need the next book but you cannot rush genius so I’ll just have to wallow in my misery while I wait for the last book in the series to come out.



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