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the hype... it burns

Hale Maree - Misty Provencher


This book was obviously NOT for me and I skimmed quite a bit of it.

For starters the romance is WAY too quick to develop. Insta attraction with one of them staring at the other in a way that they have never stared at anyone before within a DAY of knowing each other. Like whaat?

The mystery type thing was so unbelievable I am not even sure there is a term for that amount of unbelievable. *shudders*

The characters didn't work for me either. They were all pretty pretty and Oscar was overly perfect (if you've read the book... also refer to the mystery part for why I think he is WAY too good). Hale, she obviously has some issues but they weren't explored as much as they could have possibly been.

Even her relationship with her Dad, there was no real resolution, everything just 'worked out'.

and despite everything when they get their HEA, I find it very hard to believe that an 18 year old would want to get married to a guy she barely knows. For most people marriage isn't the first thing on their mind when they graduate high school. What about her dreams of going to college? They were only brought up twice and never talked about again.

The hype has burned me yet again.

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