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A great addition to the series, I only wish it had come out earlier

Phoenix Overture - Jodi Meadows

I read and loved Incarnate but when I tried reading Asunder, I couldn't get into the book. After reading this novella though, I believe I am finally ready to pick up Asunder.

Jodi creates this wonderful world that is so enchanting and so original but in spite of that I cannot overlook how much Sam annoys me.

I don't dislike him, not at all; I just cannot seem to like him either. I did love him while reading Incarnate but this novella just makes him seem pathetic. I can understand why he is the way he is but it doesn't mean I have to like it. He is too damn sensitive. I don't have anything against sensitive men, hell Sam from Shiver, one of my all-time favorite male leads was sensitive, but this Sam cannot seem to pull it off. He is too naïve for my tastes.

I really did enjoy seeing his wonderful relationship with his brother and I loved seeing how he and Stef became friends. Both relationships were developed beautifully.

This novella explains a lot about the world of Incarnate and I only wish it had been published before Asunder came out, that way I would have looked forward to it more.



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