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Derp. This was not good. This made me angry. I NO LIKEY

The Sweet Gum Tree - Katherine Allred

So after a lot of thinking, I realized I really couldn't overlook the little things that bugged me so the rating won't go up. I am too lazy to write a review so I'll sum up why this book didn't work for me in the spoiler tags below.

Hello people reading this. This is why I think this book was a mess.

-Spouse cheating on chick with her best friend
Let's start with that. I don't understand how this woman can overlook that so quickly. Oh she bore with you through your shit. What I don't understand is how she could look you in the eye when she was sleeping with your husband behind your back. 

-She makes excuses for her best friend
Let me tell you something honey. She is not your friend if she couldn't man up enough to tell you how she felt. Hell we both know you would have filed for divorce because you didn't care about your marriage anyway. I am sure she knew that too so why didn't she just fucking tell you? Huh? Yeah that's a sign of a bloody good friend. Stop making excuses. What she did was not right. She also goes on to say that her friend was the only innocent one in all of these? I may be wrong but infidelity isn't actually a good thing and both parties are GUILTY! NO ONE IS FUCKING INNOCENT.

-She makes excuses for Hugh
So what if you were a horrible person to live with. You told him right off the bat you didn't really love him and after losing your child you were miserable. Woo hoo. Now if he was so miserable he could have just fucking asked for a divorce instead of ruining 15 years of both of your lives. You don't get to make excuses for him. It doesn't matter if you're unhappy or not, you don't cheat and if you do at least be man enough to tell the woman. She deserves that much doesn't she? Obviously she doesn't. 

-Hugh is made out to be a good guy in the end
Excuse me? Not only did this guy cheat on his wife, he also cheated on the woman he claimed to love with various other women to prove a fucking point. Please get out of my sight. You mister do NOT deserve a HEA. You deserve to be miserable for the rest of your life. And please don't throw the 'his mommy ruled his life' shit at me. He is a big boy, he can make his own choices and he did.

-Everything wraps up way too nicely
Everyone gets a HEA wooo let's parteh.
Her parents get back together, Aunt Darla gets together with Bowie, Cody gets together with Lindsey, She gets back together with Nick and Jenna and Hugh are going to end up together obviously. So sweet. I'll let you know when I give two shits. 

Aside from all that I just wanted to mention an incident that happened in part 1. So basically when Nick stopped talking to her she thought it would be a good idea to get drunk and go to a party with her cousins who only a while ago were looking at her funny. When some random dude starts trying to get her into a car, she realizes something is wrong but when her knight in shining armour shows up, she kind of just tells him everything is all right and that he should go. Dumb ass chick.

I give up, I cannot remember why I liked this book in the first place.

I mean the second part was a lot better than the first part but nothing can change my mind. 

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