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Fireblood  - Trisha Wolfe

I believe this is my second DNF review. I really tried to give this book a chance instead of just bailing out but by the time I got to 36% nothing seemed to be working for me. I did not like this book. In fact I made more notes in the 36% I had read than I usually do for an entire book.


Right off the bat the setting is one of my biggest issues. I don’t know much about Camelot and while I really like King Arthur’s legend, I don’t actually know anything about the city so I cannot comment on that but what I can say is that this setting reminds me of why dystopias stopped working for me ages ago (with a couple of exceptions of course). Everything is BLACK AND WHITE. There is good and there is bad and there seems to be no grey in between. What more is the backwardness of the whole situation. I’ve seen a couple of other books do this and I think it’s time to address this issue. Why does the future seem so backward? We’ve all come so far and personally, I find it hard to imagine that we would turn back to our ‘Victorian’ waysof treating women like crap and all the other things that come along with it. That just doesn’t happen. These are humans we are talking about; we are all obsessed with progression. To add to that, let’s not forget the whole ‘learn from past mistakes’. We all know how that worked out in the past don’t we? Which is to say it didn’t work at all. Don’t tell me they don’t expect a revolution when that is exactly what happened the last time around.


The main character was a mess. She has been given a so called privilege any girl in this kingdom would want. Let’s start with that. So somehow she is the only one who understands the true evil behind this so called honor while the other females are incredibly dim-witted. There could be an explanation later on in the book but there was nothing in the first 36%. Moving on, so again, she is a speshul snowflake and gets chosen by some sort of magic, of course, the prince does explain why he chose her and HOW he chose her; she seemed to walk in a certain way that made her stand out and because she was different. How do you deduce that by basically watching someone on your camera thingo? For reals man? I’ll get back to the prince later, but back to the girl, she is extremely RECKLESS. There is a thin line between smart and stupid and she is DEFINTIELY stupid. She basically asks the maid for help. Did she even think twice about the consequences? What if she had decided to report her, she’d have been as good as dead. Let’s not even talk about her insta-lust and her tendency to trust the Prince’s first knight. She thinks the prince is ‘evil’ but trusts his first knight. Please.


Going back to our lovely prince, he is your usual cliché. ‘I DON’T WANT TO BE A PRINCE, I WISH I WAS NORMAL’. Shut it. While you’re at it, please man up. Seriously, he is getting married so he can avoid his princely duties. Let’s not even talk about him, let’s talk about his loyal and faithful NOT first knight. I cannot even. Seriously. So somehow, this guy, who has sworn to protect his prince, is already attracted to his wife and is basically helping her escape. Well then, we know where his loyalties lie don’t we? Let’s hope that if I were ever a prince, he wouldn’t be my first knight because I am sure I wouldn’t be able to count on him.


The romance had just started to develop when I DNFed this book but there were already tons of problems with it. For starters the goddamn insta love. I hate insta-love from the very bottom of my very black heart, what I hate even more is the love triangle, but funnily enough the love triangle wasn’t really much of an issue since we all knew who she would choose even at that rather early point. Going back to the insta love; seriously man. They just met, like the first day, and all these cheesy things are being said. I am just going quote and let you guys decide, now remember it has only been a day.


 “…and the heat of his body sends a current zipping along my skin.”


That quote was actually FROM the day they met, when she should have considered him her enemy.


“That’s the first I’ve seen of your true smile.”


There is so much more I can say but I am just going to sum up everything in a couple of words because I am too riled up at this point to go into more details.


Here is a brief overview of everything; you have our wonderful main character, Zara, who pretends to have a backbone but she is actually a mary sue who needs to be saved, probably from herself. You have Prince Sebastian who is a poor baby; he doesn’t want to be a king you know? You have First Knight, Sir Devlan Capra who is so loyal it hurts. Add in a bad romance and shaky world building and there you have it.



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