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Jenn Bennett recreates the magic of the 20's in this book

Bitter Spirits (Roaring Twenties) - Jenn Bennett

Jenn may have made me give up my first born child but this book was worth it. Anything Jenn writes is worth it. This woman knows what she is doing. She has yet to disappoint me (TOUCH WOOD). When I started this book, I knew without a doubt I would love it and love it I did.


When I heard that Jenn was writing a series that took place in the 20s I was ecstatic. The 20’s are one of my favorite time periods and to know that one of my favorite authors was writing a book that took place during that time…I think you know where I am going with this.


Jenn really did manage to capture the essence of that time though. It was believable; it didn’t seem to be just facts. Jenn really brought the time period to life and I was a goner. I have to say though; this series is COMPLETELY different from Arcadia Bell. They may both share a paranormal aspect but the world building and the focus on romance makes the two different from one another.


There is magic involved but it is so different from the kind of magic in Arcadia Bell. It’s more down to Earth and less magical if that makes any sense.


I ABSOLUTELY ADORED how Jenn played with Prohibition, she throws us right in the middle of it and makes our male lead a bootlegger. *claps hands* The woman is brilliant I tell you. Winter’s life changed two years ago because of a car accident. It left him disfigured and low on self-esteem (he wouldn’t admit that last part to you though). He picked himself up though and he carried on. He further built his father’s business and became a better boss than his father ever was. When someone tries to poison him with GU and ghosts start attacking him as a result, he enlists the help of the famous medium Aida. Winter is, I cannot help comparing, completely different from Lon (from the Arcadia Bell series). He is a lot more intense and can sometimes be a little dense when it comes to Aida. But he is also passionate and loving and will do anything for the ones he loves.  He also wears suspenders (although I suspect all men did in that time period but no one probably pulled them off as well as he did) so he is a winner.


Aida was a strong female, although honestly I thought she might be a flapper before I read the book. I am so glad she wasn’t even if I am sad flappers weren't mentioned. Aida was perfect just the way she was. She was a proud woman who isn’t ashamed of what she does. She earns a living by travelling around and performing ‘shows’ where she calls back people’s loved ones from the dead for one last chat. She is unapologetic and sassy but she is also a survivor, which makes me like her even more.


The best thing about the romance was how it did NOT overshadow the plot. There was quite a bit of focus on it and it didn't just linger in the background but the plot didn’t fade into the background because of the intensity of the romance. In fact Jenn managed to make both the plot and the romance shine. The romance did give off insta-attraction vibes but I decided to give it a chance to develop further before forming an opinion and boy was it worth it. The setting makes it even more interesting. There is this sensuality in the romance that makes it so magical. The going to the hotels, the raids, the old fashioned cars/cabs, the calling each other on the old fashioned phones where you would have to get through an operator to connect to the person you are trying to call, it was all wonderful.


The plot, as I mentioned, was well developed. I LOVED the Chinese dark magic, I cannot recall the correct term so don’t mind me. I loved the spying. I loved how the mystery unravelled and I loved how I had not thought that that person would be the culprit.


Jenn really did it again with this book. I am a little sad that the series will not continue on with these two characters I have come to love and am not sure how I feel about reading the sequels which will feature other characters but the fact that Astrid and Bo’s story, which Jenn told me, is set in the great depression makes me (not so) slightly curious.


I would recommend this to fans of the 20’s (like me) and fans of historical romances who would enjoy reading a good romance that doesn't become the life of a book.



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