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Three cheers for no middle book syndrome

Sapphire Blue (The Ruby Red, #2) - Kerstin Gier, Anthea Bell

*This Mini Review is part of a series of mini reviews for the trilogy and has been posted onThe Social Potato


After finishing Ruby Red I was dying to get my hands on Sapphire Blue and it did not disappoint. It did not suffer from the second book syndrome.


The mystery intensified in this one and a lot of questions still remain to be answered. The plot however was still strong. This book was addicting and I tried not to devour it. I really did but that’s what ended up happening anyway.


You cannot help but become addicted to the series. Gwen is a fun main character who can be annoying but is still really fun to read about. She is such a teenager. Overly dramatic, judging people and can sometimes be self centered. Now that does sound like a bad thing but it works with her. Kerstin manages to pull it off.


I still don’t like Gideon at this point and don’t understand his appeal. He runs too hot and cold and is rather fishy (although I WAS right about the fishy part). I don’t understand why anyone would fall ‘in love’ with him. Sure he’s hot but that isn’t really going to change the fact that he is also a douchebag.


Unlike it’s predecessor however, this book does end on a cliffhanger of sorts. A dreadful one really. Makes you eager to get your hands on the last book.