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And then there were none...(more books to be published in this series)

Killer Frost  - Jennifer Estep

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With this book comes to end to a series I’ve adored for almost 2 years. I’ve anticipated each installment eagerly and devoured them rather quickly and it breaks my heart a little to finally have to let go but at the same time I can genuinely say that I am satisfied. Estep did NOT disappoint with the finale. Perhaps there could have been a little less cheese but in the end the conclusion was well done.


The beginning had me a little vary. Logan and Gwen were not back to normal and there was still a certain distance to them. Logan was still heartbroken about what had happened back in Crimson Frost and I was a little worried at this point. I thought Midnight Frost would have ironed out some of the bumps but it hadn’t. With the kidnapping of her grandmother things became even worse and well.. I was worried I’d have to spend the whole book like I did Midnight Frost but there was nothing to worry about because that was sorted out easily.


Gwen is a very likeable female lead. She always makes a point to understand people’s points of views even if they don’t line up with her own. She may not agree, hey no one asked her to, but she respects other people’s opinions. Especially when it came to the situation with her Grandma. She HATED Linus for not trading the candle but at the same time she realizes she would have made the same choice had she been in his position because there is too much at stake. Gwen isn’t a hero. Yes she is Nike’s champion, yes it’s up to her to end the war but she isn’t a savior. She very much needs help from other people. She isn’t some lone wolf who can take care of everything on her own. She also takes responsibility for her actions and is loyal to a fault. She loves her family and is willing to do anything for her grandma and this just adds up to make Gwen a relateable and very down to earth female lead.


This series also has some of the most adorable relationships ever. From the one she shares with her friends, to the one with Logan, her family and Nickamedes. I love how her friends are ACTUALLY GOOD FRIENDS. They see through her bullshit with an ease that only true friends can. They support her and back her up and are willing to help her no matter the cost. Logan was also the sweetest guy ever. You probably wouldn’t have expected it in book one but he isn’t a bad boy cliché. He is ADORABLE. The two are the cutest couple too. Gwen doesn’t want to drag him into her mess not because she doesn’t trust him or couldn’t use help but because she doesn’t want to make him choose between her and his father and you can tell Logan is glad for that, later, even when he doesn’t say it and even when he actually HELPED. I love Grandma Frost and her relationship with her Grandma is adorable. It always makes me want to give mine a huge squeeze (accept that I am an awkward hugger). My favorite relationship in this series it the one between Nickamedes and Gwen; they’ve come such long ways since the beginning of the series, from barely containing their animosity to truly caring for each other. AND THEY FINALLY HUGGED.


All of that aside, I AM SO EFFING HAPPY ABOUT THE BATTLE SCENE. Holy crap Estep wrote an amazing battle scene. One that did my proud. The scenes before the battle were perfect. Dripping in tension, you could feel the emotions rolling off the pages. I was nervous, scared, frightened and really hoping that everything went well. When the battle commenced, I kid you not, there was music playing in my head. IT WAS PERFECT. The battle was VERY WELL DONE. I don’t think I can emphasize that enough (even with all my caps locks) because well it’s the thing we’ve been looking forward to since the beginning of this series. The show down. The end of it all. The fate of the series, whether I would like it or not, was all dependent on that one bit. The battle. And it didn’t let down. Emotions ran high, things were tense, and everyone was on the edge (including me).


My biggest qualm about this book was the aftermath of the battle. I was running on a high from the wonderful battle scenes and the high was ruined by an overload of cheese. I didn’t like how

Nickamedes and Metis ended up together. I don’t know why it bothers me so much but it did. I HATED IT.

(show spoiler)


One of the biggest plus points of this series is that the gods are actually kind of cool. They aren’t some kind of joke. They are serious beings with a shit load of power.


I still cannot quite wrap my head around the fact that this series is over. Admittedly, it isn’t a favorite or even an out of my mind experience, but I had a certain attachment to this series. Gwen was a great female lead and her adventures will be missed. To those who haven’t started the series, I’d definitely recommend this to you if you’re looking for a cute/fun series to latch on to.