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Big fat disappointment

Dark Days - Kate Ormand
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You know what sucks? When you know the author of a book is a really nice person but you end up absolutely hating the book. I was looking forward to this one, the premise was intriguing and well the cover was amazeballs, so yes, when I dove in, my expectations were high, but when I read the book, they hit rock bottom. This book was awful. It pains me to say that but less than 10% in and I was counting down how much longer it would take me to finish it.


I think one of the biggest drawbacks of this book is its length. The final copy has around 250 pages and well that doesn’t do the book any favors. Everything is crammed into those pages. Events occur one after the other with no real emphasis put on any of them. For example, her mother dies and she cries but thats about all we see in relationship to her mother's death. Also, I felt no connection with what was going on in the book and the characters did nothing for me.


Sia is one of the worst characters I’ve encountered. She is impulsive and never thinks things through. She never thinks about how her actions would affect people or if her plans would even work out. She is incredibly self-centered in that way and honestly, I think she had everything bad that happened to her coming. I really did not like her character. She was not brave, she was not smart. She was STUPID. She was IMPULSIVE and really, she was a clueless teenager given the situation she was in. She basically goes along with people she just met because she assumes they’ll be safe since they don’t look like they could do her much harm. Honey, did no one teach you that looks can be deceiving? Hell the cover of this pretty book was deceiving.


Mace is just as stupid. He ‘chooses’ Sia because he saw something special in her but is surprised when she doesn’t readily jump at the chance to join a revolution. Yeah, when you pick people of the street without actually getting to know them, you’re probably going to be in for a shit load of disappointment son.


Did I mention Mace’s stalkery habits that are waived off because ‘at least he was being honest’. Yeah no, if a guy is following you around and you aren’t even aware of it, something is absolutely wrong here.


None of the other characters are developed enough for me to even say anything about them. For the most part, they didn’t even register on my radar. I could say that I enjoyed the fact that Sia and her dad shared a good relationship but really I didn’t care. I was completely detached from the book and the characters and just everything.


There are 15 days to live. 15 days until she and everyone else in her sector will be dead and she has already embraced that. Now that isn’t a bad thing, what is a bad thing is how her will to live makes an entrance overnight and that to because of guy she JUST met. I get what the author is trying to do here but because of the length it becomes an issue and it almost seems like the character underwent a personality transplant, and honestly the end result wasn’t someone I could like. It didn't make Sia a more enjoyable character, if anything, it made her a bigger pain in the ass.


The romance in this book was a nightmare. My insta-love alarms were set off and they were ringing really loudly (ouch). I mean seriously. She started having feelings for him without even having a decent conversation. The two times the conversed before she becomes aware of her feelings, he was basically trying to get her to join a rebellion and she ran/hid away from him EACH TIME. How does she suddenly care for him? At the rate they are going, they’ll probably be married in a couple of days (after the end of the book).


Both the villains and the rebels have no sort of logic to them. The villains are evil for the sake of being evil. When you find out their reasons for doing what they were doing, it just feels so fake. Oh, I am going to only pick the cool humans to hang out with me. Nobody else is worth it. Ugh. I am such a special snowflake. Stop. No seriously. If there was a legit reason as to why they were doing what they were doing, their actions would have been easier to swallow. The rebels were just wannabes. I can see why they feel the need to rebel. Obviously. But there are only 20 rebels in total. And they’re going to have to fight against cyborgs. Pray tell me, how they’re even going to survive. Yeah they mentioned recruiting more people later but uh. No. If they were talking about saving themselves they would have thought things through and would have been more organized but as it is, they’re just a rag tag group of wannabes.


The world building sucks. These citizens were closed inside the walls for some reason and are now going to be killed for another. I have no idea why any of this happened/is happening (well we do know the reason for the latter but as I mentioned earlier, it all felt very fake). This book was a very odd sort of dystopia where I didn’t even understand the basic mechanics of how the government worked. The world building had a lot of potential from what I saw but it needed so much more development.


The plot. No let’s not go there. Everything is so rushed that I can hardly discern the plot from the tangles of everything else. It’s not paced well enough and really, I just didn’t care about what the hell was going on. Hell I was practically rooting for everyone to die instead of getting the happy ending they all desperately yearned for.


The ending is probably the best part about the book, I liked how the author ended the book with an open ending giving us the choice to imagine what would happen afterwards. Not that I actually cared. I was just happy the book was over.


I am sorely disappointed by this book and really it sucks that I didn’t enjoy this more. I really wouldn’t recommend it to anybody unless you’re looking for a quick read to help you catch up on your reading challenge.

10 6