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Sea of Shadows  - Kelley Armstrong

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This book can be summed up in one word. Boring. It was so painfully boring that I, who claims to be a night owl, went to bed early. I just couldn’t bother anymore.  I made it to the end and I was happy that it was over. The thing about this book is that it doesn’t really have any other major flaws, it just didn’t click with me and I feel like it’s definitely a case of ‘it’s me not you’ when it comes to this book.


This is a story about two twin sisters who get separated, have to overcome some scary ass obstacles with the help of their respective companions and then they reunite. That sounds fun yeah? Well it’s BORING AS HELL. Or it was for me at least.


The story starts on the eve of Ashyn’s 16th birthday. She will have to go into the Edgewood and free the spirits of the dead but something is wrong. Dreadfully wrong. *cue drum roll*.


I really don’t know where to start with this book. It’s always hard to review books that are mediocre because you never know what to say. I feel no enthusiasm about this book and am probably not going to be reading the sequel either.


This book is written in dual pov and when you absolutely hate one of the characters… you’re in for a long long time.


Ashyn is a pretty decent character but Moira on the other hand… yeah, I hated her. The problem with the twin sisters is how the author portrays them. One is brave, outspoken, realistic (in her opinion) and everyone (especially the guys, like her more). The other is silent, a romantic and presented as someone who is not as brave . I am pretty sure you can guess which one I liked better.


Moira, in my opinion, was rash and needed to stop acting so weird. She basically had Ashyn on a leash. She told the guards to not let her go anywhere and they ‘followed’ her orders even though both the sisters have the same status. I just don’t get it. Who is Moira to restrain her? Moira can go off fighting but Ashyn needs to be ‘protected’? EVEN THOUGH THEY’RE THE SAME BLOODY AGE? Nope. Nope. Nope.


The problem isn’t only Moira. Her POV in general holds no interest for me. I have to listen to her ‘being the bigger person’, worrying about her sister, being badass but on top of that I hate her companion. Gavril is a douche bag. He is the passive aggressive dude with who you can never tell if he likes you or not. He completely ignores Ashyn and is always pulling on Moira’s (metaphorical) ‘pig tails’. This isn’t 3rd grade. You don’t need to be a douche if you like the girl and it isn’t cute when you constantly threaten the girl. There are lines that need to be drawn if you want to go down the passive aggressive lane.


Ronan on the other hand just makes me sad. He had so much potential but for some reason his character fell flat. Ideally, he is the perfect character in my book but for some reason, I cannot feel the enthusiasm I should be feeling. He is a thief, he didn’t live a perfecty life, he is goal oriented, he is sharp and I could go on and on about why he is awesome but I don’t FEEL the enthusiasm I should be feeling about his character.


The romances were bleh. Ronan and Ashyn’s romance was developed but they lack chemistry. There is some but not nearly enough to make me want to jump up and cheer them on. Gavriel and Moira’s romance on the other hand just feels icky. There is chemistry but… *shudders*. Their romance just doesn’t seem healthy to me.


The world building was wonderful; I really loved how the author developed the  monsters and the forest and everything else. The whole atmosphere of the book was eerie. It was creepy but the problem was that the potential of this book remains unrealized.


The plot is not developed enough for me to even be able to enjoy the fantastic world building. Things happen. They fight creepy creatures and then they do more stuff. There just isn’t enough happening to keep me hooked.


I am starting to think that Kelley’s YA is just not for me. I have a soft spot for The Darkest Powers trilogy but even I realize that it’s not a masterpiece. I just don’t think YA is Kelley’s forte. I LOVE her adult books but her YA’s tend to fall flat in comparison which really is a pity because she always has such wonderful ideas.


This book is full of potential and I am sure there are people out there that will love it but this one is clearly not for me.