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World After - Susan Ee

This was one of my most anticipated books of last year and when my copy came in the mail I was over the moon, but unlike majority who had been anticipating this book like crazy, I didn’t dive right into it. In fact I probably wouldn’t have read it even now had Jeann not asked me to buddy read it with her (or did I ask if I could join her? I cannot remember). Anyway, the point is that I was afraid to pick this up and not only because the release date of book 3 isn’t until sometime in 2015. The one thing that kept on nagging me was Raffe, or well, the lack of him in this book. I don’t want to sound like I am shallow but one of the best things about Angelfall for me was Raffe. When I picked it up, I was kind of fed up of angels but Raffe somehow managed to capture my attention and he captured my heart so when I found out that he didn’t make an appearance until much later in World After, I was worried I wouldn't enjoy this one nearly as much as I had its predecessor. 

I shouldn’t have been so silly and stupid. While Raffe’s absence pained me, it has been said that absence makes the heart grow fonder and boy was it true in this case. But enough of Raffe (for now) because this book managed to stand out in spite of the fact that there wasn't much of Raffe in it. Most of us had had crazy high expectations from this one and it delivered. Susan didn’t disappoint us, there was gory, and crazy and just tons of action but at the centre of it all, there was a great female lead. 

Penryn is really just the kind of female lead I wish we would see more. She’s a hero but at the same time she’s not. She puts her family first because in the world after, she doesn’t have time to save everyone’s lives as much as she wants to. She’ll help to the best of her ability but family will always come first. She is also without a doubt one of the most mature 17 year olds I’ve had the pleasure to meet in YA. Her family is a crazy bunch and if she weren’t their rock, well let’s just say she needs to be there for them and she is. Her kickassedness never fails to please me but what really makes her a special character is that she is prone to moments of vulnerability too, she is not perfect and is not made out to be so. 

The most notable character in this book was not however Penryn, it was POOKY BEAR. If you’re just as afraid as I was about not getting enough of Raffe, read it for Pooky Bear, one of the most powerful angel swords (there are only two more superior to her I think). You might wonder what is so special about a sword but there is so much to love about this sword and I am not going to disclose any of these details for Pooky Bear is a character everyone needs to enjoy without getting to know about her ahead of time. 

Penryn’s mother, another great character from book 1, did not let us down in this book. She was just as creepily awesome and continues to mess with your mind. You’ll never really know what goes on in that messed up brain of hers and how she manages to be so clever yet at the same time, scare the bejeezus out of you.

Paige got a lot more page time (HA I CAN MAKE FUNNY PUNS TOO JEANN) in this one which made me happy but at the same time, just like Penryn, I had to adjust to this Paige. All those memories had built an image of Paige and when we met the ‘new’ Paige, I was just as scared as Penryn was (which really shows how good the author is). As the book progressed, we learned more about Paige and it broke my heart. It really did and in the end, the new Paige also weaseled her way into my heart.

The plot was a lot more detailed in this instalment. A lot of the previous book was travel while this one was a lot more action and gory. I’d definitely say that anyone who is looking at this and hasn’t started the series shouldn't start it because it has angels, this series has a more science fiction/post-apocalyptic feel to it than paranormal which is why it’s so densely packed with action. The plot is intricate and you can tell that Ee has really come far since the previous book. It really makes you wish the book was longer (and not only because that would mean that Raffe would get more page time). 

I am eagerly awaiting the next instalment and hope that it blows my mind (EVEN MORE SO BECAUSE MORE RAFFE PLEASE. K THNX). I just need to figure out what else to do with my life until then and while I am busy doing that, you should get on this book pronto.