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A little hard to get into at times but fantastic otherwise

The Luck Uglies - Paul Durham

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The Luck Uglies was a fantabulous novel and while I absolutely adored it and probably even loved it, I cannot bring myself to give it more stars for the reason that at times, it was BORING. And the fact it was boring was not really the book’s fault. A weird thing to say, right? I’ll come back to this.

The Drowning Village is currently ruled by Earl Longchance, who quite simply put... is a douchebag. He has rules that make it hard for women to become educated even though elsewhere in the world (this book is set in) women have those freedoms. He’s also more about the money than he is about actually helping the villagers out but most of them don’t mind all of this because their fear of the Bog Noblins.

The world building in this book is fantastic. The author paints this world that I can imagine so vividly. I can imagine myself trying to jump over the rooftops, I can imagine myself trying to hide in the secret tunnel, I can imagine myself roaming around the village and I can even imagine the forest with all of its secrets.

Quinn is a character that is quite easy to adore but her friends on the other hand, not so much. It’s not that her friends aren't great, it’s just that I don’t think we were around them enough for me to develop any sort of fondness for them. Harmless on the other hand though. He is so bloody charmastic. I really just wanted to tackle hug him half the time. And his name isn’t actually Harmless, you should know that but you’ll find the story behind that one humorous.

Getting back to what I mentioned in the beginning, I think it was the 3rd person narrative that ended up causing problems for me. It’s funny because I don’t usually have that many problems with this kind of narrative but it really did make it harder for me to completely devour the book. There were just times I would drift off and then would have to re-read a page because I would have no idea what had just happened and that ultimately made it hard for me to give this book a higher rating.

I really do think this is a book everyone should give it a shot, especially if you, like me, miss those marvelous fantasy books you used to read as a kid. Or really, if you just want a fun fantasy to read. Do it for the Luck Uglies!!! They wear masks… and are supposed criminals.