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Best instalment yet

The Diamond Conspiracy - Pip Ballantine, Tee Morris, Philippa Ballantine

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After really enjoying book 1 , books 2 and 3 never quite hit the same mark and I dived into this new installation hoping that it would be the one to remind me why I continued to read on, and I was right! The Diamond Conspiracy is definitely a worthy addition to the series and kept me on my toes(even when I trying not to dose off because it was 4 in the morning).

This is such a fun and quirky series and while I continued to stick with it when books 2 and 3 didn’t impress me, I am glad that The Diamond Conspiracy brought about a much needed sense of urgency and A LOT MORE ANSWERS.

I love me some answers and this book definitely provided us with some. It didn’t answer everything and even more questions were brought into the equation but I was very happy to have some of my big questions finally answered.

In this book, we finally (FINALLY) got to see Eliza and Welly work as a couple! I cannot tell you how happy this made me because I was getting tired of seeing all the jealousy and the two continuously going back and forth. I just wanted them to be happy and then they finally worked all that out in the previous book and we got to see them work as a couple! And they make a cute couple! I love how toned down Books’ jealousy was in this one and I loved that they were so supportive of one another as a couple. They still have adorable banter but it just gets even cuter because now they are a couple.

They shined in this book. I loved seeing Eliza become even stronger with Books by her side and the same goes for Books. It’s so wonderful seeing how far the two have ventured out of their comfort zone and how much they have grown. Eliza has transformed from a brash character to someone who takes more time to think things through without just jumping right in with her firearms (although that was funny). Likewise, Books has become someone who is starting to deal with the ghosts of the past as he becomes more sure of himself.

I loved that a certain Bruce Campbell was brought back but I hated how his previous actions were kind of overlooked now that he was kind of a good guy. I hope we get to come back to him and make sure he atones for all the horrible things he did in the past.

The plot in this one was fabulous and I loved seeing so many aspects of previous books come into play. It seems as though one arc of this book has come to a close and I hope it stays that way! I am looking forward to seeing many other aspects of this world being explored. Especially since so many interesting things were brought to our attention in this installment (LIKE TIME TRAVEL. ZOMG).

The ending especially, while not necessarily an emotional cliffhanger was just surprising but also amazing and I just want to know so much more about what is happening and what it means and all of those exciting/annoying questions that come about when authors dump important info on you right at the end of a book.

All those wonderful things about the book said, I would like to say that there were times where this book was wordy/tell-y and when the pacing didn't work with me. There seems to have been a huge improvement since the previous instalments so I will give the book that but I still had trouble paying attention to what was going on at times and I think I just missed important things as a result, re-reading can help but you know, it can be annoying when you space out and have to re-read things because you didn't quite catch them the first time (kind of like when you read textbooks :P)

Having said that, this book was fantastic and so much fun and if it’s any indication of future books to come (LET THERE BE MORE), then I know I better keep in touch with this series!

If you’re reading this review and haven’t read any of the books in this series, I’d definitely say you have some reading to do!