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Excellent follow up

Every Word - Ellie Marney

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I read and loved Every Breath last year and I was really looking forward to reading Every Word.  I am happy to report that this book was every bit as awesome as Every Breath if not more so and it reminds me why I love Aussie lit so much!

Going into this book, I was a little worried about how Rachel and James’ relationship would fare given that he just hopped on a plane and left but I needn’t have worried because Ellie knows what she is doing.

First of all, can I just talk about the amazing dynamics of Rachel’s family? I absolutely adore reading about them. They are a complex family and things are not always happy dandy but they make it work. Rachel’s parents are realistic. They adore Rachel but don’t always let her get off the hook for things she does. Also Mike, her brother, is a fantabulous creature. I love how supportive he is of Rachel and I love their bond. HE IS SO ADORABLE.

Rachel is also a great female lead to head the show. I love her determination. When she flies half way across the globe to help James, she knows he won’t be happy but she doesn’t let that stop her because she knows that whether or not things will be okay between them, James does need help getting through this. I also love that her intelligence is not downplayed when she is with someone like James. She can pick up on things he cannot. Rachel is a very realistic character and I love that while she is brave, she is not abnormally so. When it comes down to it, she'd rather live than die. LIKE MOST PEOPLE.

James was a little bit of a douchecanoe in this instalment but he gets his shit together and then he becomes the same old lovable James. The thing is that his actions are understandable, and Rachel knows that he needs time. Visiting the past that has haunted him for years is hard for him. He is, quite understandably, a wreck. So I decided to forgive him. Plus, he totally redeems himself at the end of the book.

Rachel and James have a fantastic relationship. They, like most teenagers, are full of hormones and therefore tend to have a tendency to make out at inappropriate moments (NOT THAT I AM COMPLAINING.) But their entire relationship is not based on the fact that they are attracted to each other. They are a good couple. They work together as a team and always support one another.

This isn’t the end of it though. Ellie also manages to write amazing mysteries. The plot was amazing and I love that it isn’t too farfetched. When Rachel decides to hop onto a plane, it isn’t completely unrealistic. Things like Visas are mentioned (because you cannot always just hop onto a plane and travel last minute.)The mystery is well thought out and I love how things come together. I love that this book isn’t just a bunch of teens deciding to investigate and that there are people in charge. Also that bit towards the end of the book gets gruesome but I enjoyed that! It upped the stakes and really highlighted that this book isn’t some fluffy mystery, things can get bad REALLY quickly!

Before I conclude my review, there is one very important thing I’d like to discuss. I want to discuss breath that smells like the minty toothpaste someone used over 12 hours ago. WHERE CAN I PURCHASE THIS MAGICAL EVERLASTING TOOTHPASTE? I want my breath to smell nice all the time without having to pop mints or gum!

Silliness aside, this was a fantastic read. Ellie Marney has proven herself yet again. She knows how to weave stories that will capture your attention and make you desperate for more.

Note: I recently read some reviews for Every Move that mention a love triangle-y situation. I was pretty annoyed, but I do think that if anyone can make me get behind this, it would be Ellie. Hopefully everything will be a-okay!

Note that I received an ARC of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review