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Brain candy

Burning Midnight - Will McIntosh

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I don’t know if I am being picky or if nothing is blowing my mind lately. Is it the book or ME? The thing is, Burning Midnight is a pretty great read but it also isn’t that substantial. This book is fantastic for a brain candy read when you just need to let go of the world and dive into an interesting world and a compelling plot.

So how did I feel? IDK, CAN SOMEONE TELL ME HOW I FELT? Google drive has the new voice feature where it lets you talk and type, but I don’t think that’ll help me put my feelings down on paper (or document in this case.) I finished the book with a smile on my face, feeling completely satisfied but a couple hours later, I kind of forgot about it because it was a thrilling read in the moment but didn’t have as much of an impact, afterwards.

David and Sully are the main characters of the story and I had a lot of fun following them along on their journey. Neither of these characters have a perfect life and as a result, they do get kind of greedy but they never pissed me off. They seemed realistic enough even though some of their decisions and their romance made cartoonish question marks appear out of my head.

I also thought this book had a great secondary characters and did a pretty decent job with diversity. The characters could have been more present so friendships would have played a bigger role but there was a positive parental unit in the book and that was great. David and his mom have a great relationship and are so cute.

The world building in this book is awesome. If you are curious about this book because it seems fantastical, your life is a lie. This book is more urban fantasy with an emphasis on the urban bit because the only magical thing about this book are the colorful spheres for which we don’t really get a history. Okay so when I said the world building was awesome, what I really meant was that it is engaging. I love the world the author has constructed because it is interesting and because I am drawn into the weirdness of it. it is so similar to our own but made so different by the existence of these magical spheres.

The plot is also basically what I want. Lots of adventure, and action mixed in with a scavenger hunt. BASICALLY MY LIFE. Which is why I had so much fun with this book.

I know I make it seem like this book isn’t a great read but it really is. It was a refreshing read and it was nice to read a book that just pulled me in and had me invested in the characters. Sometimes, you don’t need a book to blow your mind, you just need it to engage you and your brain.

Note: I apologize if you feel like this review isn't up to standards. I AM TOO SICK TO THINK PROPERLY.

Note that I received an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review