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pretty mediocre, tbh

Reign of Shadows - Sophie Jordan

So, are you here to read a ramble-y review about all my feelings about Reign of Shadows by Sophie Jordan? Well, you are gonna be disappointed because today I have decided to attempt doing a review in GIFS. After all, they do say a picture is worth a thousand words...

Overall reaction to the book

How I feel about the characters

LUNA: sometimes naive, sometimes kickass, also occasional bad decision maker. Overall:

FOWLER: Just an angry young man who is mad at the world for all the wrongs it has done him. Overall:

How I feel about the romance

In theory, I shipped the characters but in practice I just needed them to slow down and get to know each other instead of Fowler being passive agressive and then suddenly falling in love?? (IDK if the L word is used)

How I feel about the world building

 I found it interesting but thought there needed to be a lot more of it. Overall:

How I feel about the plot

 I love me a survival story and I enjoyed the plot, but also wanted more substance. Overall:

The Ending


I do have mixed feelings about the book since there are some things I liked and others I felt mediocre about. The book didn't manage to blow me away but it was good brain candy, so if you're looking for an easy, fun book to flip through, Reign of Shadows might just be for you. Just be warned, the ending is BRUTAL.