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Crash - Lisa McMann

Actual Rating 4.5

The only books I've read by the author other than this one are the first two books in the dream catchers series. The two books are similar in some ways but different in others, I want to compare the two but I cannot seem to. I want to say Crash is better but then I remember something equally good about Fade or Wake. I think the extra .5 is because of the ending. Lisa is full of surprises her books are original in ways you won't find in the YA genre and I love her for it. I think another plus point of this book is that although Jules is in love with Sawyer, she never acts like a jealous or insecure person and I like that about her, whereas Janie was slightly insecure.

Okay I am not going to say anything more about this book, anyone who loved the dream catchers series seriously needs to read this and if you are looking for something slightly different yet sweet you should read this.