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Impossible by Nancy Werlin

Impossible - Nancy Werlin

"I finally told Soledad I didn't have a place to live. So now I do. Now I am here, with her and her husband, Leo. They have given me their spare bedroom. It has a bed and a chair by the window and a built-in bookshelf.

I feel safe here."

Would you like a reason to read this book?
Go listen to this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4e-FV...
Is that reason enough? No?

oh. I am not sure what I can say at this point that would help convince people to read this. I tried reading this last year but decided not to read on when I discovered there was teen pregnancy involved, of course the circumstances were different but at that point I was still squeamish about certain topics and therefore avoided them. A friend mentioned the ballet a couple days ago and I remembered listening to it when I first discovered this book and so I decided it was time to give this book another shot because....THAT BALLET leaves no other CHOICE!

This book is about the curse of the Scarborough females, I could tell you the curse which wouldn't really be a spoiler but I won't. 

The only drawback of the book that I picked on was that it was written in third person and had a couple of different POVs, which made the book confusing in the beginning but once you got a hold of it, it worked out well.

I think one of the strong points of this book is the strong female lead. Lucy trusts her instincts and once she got used to the idea of the curse she still remained her calm self and tried to think of a way to work around it.

The relationships in this book are VERY STRONG!!! I may or may not have done a happy dance because of that. Usually in YA maybe the relationship b/w the parents and the kid won't be too strong or the relationship with the love interest would be weak. 

Here Lucy tells her parents (of course she is adopted so they didn't know about the curse)everything almost right away and they believe her. They choose to believe her and help her out as much as possible. They are supportive towards her decisions even if they may not agree with all of her choices.

Zach is a great love interest, he is always there for Lucy, supporting her, even when he isn't sure of everything she is saying, he chooses to believe her. And he is adorable. I love the times when he becomes a tad bit insecure and starts wondering about stuff but then he gains back his confidence and I love him for it. They don't keep any secrets from each other either which makes there relationship even stronger, because isn't that what the basis of a good relationship is? Trust?

Her best friend, Sarah, although doesn't have a huge appearance in the novel is supportive and offers good advice. What else can you ask for? 

I also love the whole 'tasks' thing. I love how they take the literal meaning instead of finding some other clever one because it makes me feel smarter. I mean as a reader I should be able to understand where things are going right? And if I am not sure, well I'd feel like I am not smart enough to get it, which doesn't do wonders for my self esteem.

I need to go stalk Nancy to see if she has other books that may be of interest to me because right now I may or may not love her. I think a lot of my excitement stems from the fact that this is a good YA novel. There is so much out there in the YA category out there that after a while a lot of stories just sound the same and to read something different is just... overwhelming and exciting and re-freshening.