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what a load of bullshit

Slammed - Colleen Hoover

(this is free verse and will probably suck but I felt like doing this)

I started this book
but not with much hope.
For I knew I would be lead down the same road
where the book screamed that it was different 
yet in then end it was just like the others.
the others that let me down.

It told the story of a girl who lost a father
a girl who thought she was special
but she wasn't. not really
she was the same old mary sue
the girl who whined about the wrong things.
a girl who didn't have a backbone.

It told the story of a boy who had lost everything
yet he stayed to take care of his brother
you would think you could like him
but it was all a lie
for he was the same old cheesy bastard
"it's not you it's me"

this book tried to tell us it was different
when in fact it was not
it was just a big humble jumble 
of tons of problems
both relationship and life
and it taught me nothing
except that I really should 
read something else.

5 3