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pretty decent although if you don't like cliches skip this

Wander Dust - Michelle Warren

I was pleasantly surprised by this book. My attention was first brought to this book when I was stalking a friend's shelf. The cover grabbed my attention (I'll admit it. I am a complete cover whore) and after reading the synopsis I was further intrigued. 


As someone who is somewhat vary of self-published books, I didn't expect much when I divided in, even though I was curious, I went in hoping this wouldn't be a case of  'curiosity killed the cat' and it wasn't. This book was pretty good. It had it's faults, as well as the obvious cliches but it still managed to stand out.


After a couple of incidents, her aunt comes to pick her up and she is sent to a prestigious 'secret' academy. She finds out that she is a wanderer and she is part of a team with a protector and a seer. They all work together to travel through time. Each member has their own talents. A seer, for example, uses their ability to see the timelines of inanimate objects to find appropriate relics that will help the protector and wanderer travel through time. The job of a protector, is obviously to protect the wanderer and the wanderer is the one who has the ability to travel. Sound interesting? Hells yeah. The idea of teams working together to travel through time was really interesting to me.  


As someone who is somewhat of a nerd, I can be a little touchy about the idea of time travel so I tend to be very picky but I can say without a doubt Michelle pulled it off. She weaves a believable story and there weren't any holes. You might find yourself wondering what was happening at one moment and later on the book it is explained. She doesn't leave any lose ends. Everything fit together. 


The characters were pretty great as well. I had some problems with Sera from time to time but in the end it all worked out, I didn't hate her. She was determined and never let Max (I refuse to call him Bishop) distract her from her goals. She could occasionally be stupid in the way teenagers tend to be but she never went over the top.


And I am happy to say that this book didn't end on a major cliffhanger. Cliffhangers bother me. Unless they are well done, which is so rare that I shouldn't even mention it. It leaves us curious and with questions but it isn't overly dramatic. 


I have read the next two books in the series and while those two didn't work out for me I would recommend the first book.



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