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Rashika, The Book Owl

So my name is Rashika and I am weird. I read a lot (duh) and I watch a lot of TV. I also like to review. Check out my blog (where I co-blog with awesome people).

Cheese and stuff. (the year is ending I thought Id say something)



This year has been pretty great. I met awesome people and made new friends (yay. I have friends) I read more books in a year than I've ever read before, I wrote a lot of reviews, I started blogging. I did a lot of new things this year. I hope that all of you guys had a great year as well and I hope that the new year brings you a lot of joy and happiness (oh.. right they're the same thing, whatever) and all that cheese. But most of all, may you read more books than you ever read before and find new gems and don't go into reading slumps.


So here is to a great year for all of us. 



And pretty fireworks because I'll be reading when that time of the year comes :P (seriously I hate crowds)