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King Hall - Scarlett Dawn

Me: This book sounds interesting


Me: Everyone seems to be loving it, perhaps I should give it a shot.


*picks book up*


Me: This is funny ha ha ha


Me: Why is everyone so immature?


Me: What the hell is going on? I don’t understand anything. I am confused. I am lost.

*after finishing the book*


For people who don’t want to bother reading my rant review here is a short summary of the book. It’s about a bunch of supposed adults fooling around, never making good decisions and getting attacked all the time for some inexplicable reason.

From this point on, please read at your own risk.





When I first heard about this book I thought I had found another potentially good New Adult. I was so off the mark it is not even funny. This may not be your typical New Adult but believe me when I say it was BAD.


After the first couple of chapters our female lead loses her mate, at first she has the right reaction and I felt like there was hope (I hate books that involve those kind of situations, they do NOT work for me), but after that, if you were to ask me who Dominic was, I would reply with DOMINIC WHO? And not in a good way because the main character has essentially forgotten about her mate who died like a couple months ago. Where is the GRIEF? Oh sure they bring it up a couple a times, but she is already getting laid and she says she is sad and yadda yadda yadda but there is a different between SAYING and FEELING and I did NOT feel any sadness coming off of her.


Most of the reviews I read mention how amazing and wonderful Erza was and here I was feeling nothing. I didn’t give a rat’s ass about him. I couldn’t care less.


Hell I didn’t give a rat’s ass about ANY of these characters. They were all flat and let’s not forget incredibly immature. What are they 12? When I say all characters I MEAN THE KINGS AS WELL. The whole situation seems to be a joke to them. None of the characters are capable of taking anything seriously. At first I thought the relationship between the kings and their prodigies was interesting, refreshing even, everyone likes an adult who has a good sense of humor, but as the story progressed and the Kings did nothing to prove that they were actually worthy of their positions, I started to see how incredibly immature they were as well.


Going back to the characters, why the fuck is everyone so beautiful? Everywhere you turn that’s what you hear. I cannot count the number of times someone told Lily she was beautiful or the number of times Lily described someone as beautiful. STOP. NO. BEAUTY IS NOT A CHARACTER TRAIT. NO. IT’S A PHYSICAL TRAIT AND IT DOES NOT MAKE ME LIKE A PERSON BETTER. Hell if you describe a character as beautiful, the first thing I think is that they are shallow. I wasn’t that far off the mark seeing as there was  NO DEPTH to these characters. And of course, they think it’s a good idea to do dangerous things that could get them killed because well, they want to rebel.YOU’RE FUCKING ADULTS. ACT LIKE IT.  They also didn’t seem to have any respect for the kings.They’d talk about how they’d get revenge on the kings who were trying to teach them a lesson because they had made bad choices that could have gotten them killed.


Let’s talk about the world building, or the lack of it. There is a mother mentioned, who died, I don’t know anything else about her. A war is mentioned. What caused it? There is a rift between the coms and the mysticals. What the hell is that about? Something about an awakening, which I don’t understand at all. There was a mating process mentioned but then again I don’t get that either. There were even castles mentioned but they seem to appear out of nowhere. I have no idea where these people live, how they live or ANYTHING ELSE concerning the world they live in.


This book was marketed as a paranormal romance, where is the romance? This book basically focuses on the friendship of these characters and nothing else. There is no plot. Half of the time I don’t even know what’s going on except for these kids fooling around. There is no conflict therefore there is no resolution.


With everything I am babbling on about, you might wonder why I still gave the book 2 stars instead of 1. This is because I was not raging through out the book, it was enjoyable until the ending; the ending activated my rage mode and made me lose it.The ending stood for everything I hated and because I need to rant and cannot spoil, I shall use spoiler tags and a lot of swearing of course.


The ending ruined the book for me, it would have been a solid 3 and perhaps a 3.5 had the ending been pulled off well enough but it was such a complete and utter mess that I basically lost it. Killing of Jack and Pearl’s mates? Smart move. SMART MOVE. How many fucking mates do you want to kill? What’s the point of even bringing them up when all you’re going to do is kill them? I liked the idea and how it was presented in this book but everywhere you turn, someone seems to have lost their mate. I figure this was actually done as a set up for the romance in the next book. The author will push Jack and Pearl together and Erza and Lily. Woopidy do. EVERYONE GETS THEIR FUCKING HAPPY ENDING. I love the friends to lovers trope but this just takes what I love and smashes it into pieces. Their friendship was probably the best thing about the book and now the author wants to take it and turn it into a romance. NO. Why would you do that? Why cannot they just fucking remain friends? Hell why do all of them need to be involved in a romance with each other? Erza and Lily would have been easy to swallow but the Jack and Pearl situation? Hell no. It’s too fucking easy and messed up.
(show spoiler)

The book, obviously, because everything else that happened wasn’t enough, ends on a cliff hanger. A horrible one that is to say because there is no fucking conclusion, even with cliff hangers you got to give us some sort of resolution but there is none because there was no conflict in the first place. We have no idea what was happening and we have no idea what will happen. Nothing interesting was revealed, we don’t understand why people are attacking them; we basically have nothing. This book was like the second book syndrome except that this was the first book. 


You ask if I am willing to read the sequel and I say no. No because the sequel is not worth wasting my time over, the only redeemable thing about this book will basically be destroyed in the sequel and I cannot bang my head over a book that obviously will NOT work for me and will end up pissing me off more than anything.


If you don’t care about world development, character development or a plot and just want something funny, read this. If you do care about those things, run.



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