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Real characters, real emotions (that I felt)

The Story Guy - Mary Ann Rivers
“Didn’t I tell you? My favorite stories have crying at the end.”

While I most definitely don’t agree with that, this novella was incredibly touching.

And admittedly that's because of Brian. He is very interesting character. He is someone who is afraid of commitments and honestly, I almost always hate guys like that in books. I cannot stand them and I sure as hell don’t understand them but Brian, Brian really gets to you. Even without knowing the reasons behind why he continues to hold himself back, you can feel his pain. You can feel his fear and its obvious that he isn't just some asshole that enjoys messing with women, you can tell he is sincere. This isn’t a guy who leads people on and then decides he is too scared to commit. He makes sure to not leave any room for leading on. He makes what he wants clear right from the start and you can tell he is protecting himself as well as the person in the way he holds himself, the things he says, his jumpiness and in the way he holds himself back. I think one of the most important things to note is that Brian isn’t some bad boy cliche. He is real. His fears are real and his reasons are real. 

Carrie was a great female lead. I absolutely adore how she is willing to give Brian the time. How she realizes that pushing him would not be the best idea but sees that he needs someone he can fall back on. He needs to know that someone is willing to accept him. The whole him. And he needs to come to that realization on his own.

It sucks that this was just a novella and not a book because it would have made a great novel.

I don’t actually have much to say about this, because my feels are just all over but if I could just find a way inside this world that Rivers has built and give Brian a bear hug, I would feel a lot better. 

5 4