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Wild Justice: A Nadia Stafford Novel - Kelley Armstrong

Why cannot I live in a perfect world where my favorite series don't come to an end?
I want to just lay down and do nothing with my life. I cannot believe there will be no more Nadia and Jack for me. I tried taking it slow (even slower than it took) but it didn't work out. This series, although completely different from what Kelley writes, is magnificent and I love it just as much as I love all the other adult books she's written.

I cannot write a review because well I cannot. I love this series too much. So instead, I am going to list why you need to read this series.

Yes that is a legit reason. Assassins are awesome and the ones in this book are REALLY awesome because they are realistic. They think things through, have plans, tons of contacts don't always have flashy gadgets, rely on skill and aren't actually all rounders. There are different kinds of hitmen. They have different strengths and are in the business for different reasons.

-AWESOME female lead
I wish there were more female leads like Nadia out there. Nadia is perfect in terms of a female lead. She isn't overly anything. She is strong but can occasionally be in denial about things. She has her vulnerabilities. She has her own set of beliefs and really you cannot change her mind no matter how you try. She is also incredibly realistic but at the same time she hopes for things. She is so easy to relate to and SO MUCH fun to read about. 

Please. He is reason enough to pick up this series. He is like his own breed of male. He is quiet as hell and yes the way he talk may get on some people's nerves (it didn't get on mine though) but he is perfect in my eyes. He is the perfect companion and kind of the ideal guy. He gives you room, listens to what you have to say and well is willing to let you do your thing BUT will always be there for you to fall back on. He is also a badass hitman but he has insecurities. Not in a 'poor baby' way but just realistically. The kind of insecurities anyone is bound to have. He also has a very interesting back story but the best thing about THAT is that while it's shaped who he is today, the past is the past. It will stay with him for the rest of his life but that is that. Also I want to get high on sugar with Jack and like just see him be happy. 

-The Romance
tee hee. NO THERE ISN'T A LOVE TRIANGLE. You'd have to be blind to not see this one coming and let me just point out that it isn't a love triangle. You could try to put it inside that box but it isn't that. Coming to the actual romance bit. IT IS SO SLOW. OH DEAR GOD. IT is slow. We have to suffer for a LONG LONG TIME but it's worth it. It's well developed and doesn't come out of nowhere. It's slow but it develops so beautifully. You'll never meet a couple more perfect for each other. I kid you not. 

-The Mysteries
Each book focuses on a different mystery but all of them are well developed. Things don't come out of nowhere but neither are they predictable. Clues are handed out and you get to watch the characters put everything together. It's just brilliant mystery. It isn't overly complicated and it works. It's fun to read about and keeps you on your toes.

So.... like what are you waiting for? A sign from the universe? GO READ THIS. *points gun at you*

5 4