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The attack of the hype (it burns)

Catching Jordan - Miranda Kenneally

(forgive me for my bad poetry skills)

And this book was so badddd
it hurt my brain
I wish I could 
write something better
but I cannot
with its angst
and its woman hating 
female lead
it tried to tell me
that I was wrong
it tried to put
femininity into a box
and I just couldn't 
take it any more
but it didn't get better
for the love interest
was just as crappy
he was the worst best friend ever
and gave excuses
and then became a man-whore to cope
with what was ultimately his decision
he didn't listen to what she had to say
because he obviously knew better
the supporting cast was no better and showed no real respect
for females and everyone in this book was just
a big fat cliche
so you see
I have nothing else to say
but this book was 

10 6