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[reblogged] Fishy Reviews

Hey everyone,


So it came to my attention that there were some fishy reviews for my book. I didn't pay much attention to them when they were all posted a couple of weeks back on the same day, though I did notice they were oddly vague and sounded a little robotic. I shrugged it off though, happy for any positive reviews.

Lately though, they became a bit of a problem, so I flagged the reviews and contacted Goodreads about them, sending them links to every single review and profile that I thought looked strange. I also asked if Goodreads would be able to cross-reference IP Addresses with mine because they did look like sock-puppet accounts. I have never and will never make sock-puppet accounts, but in case anybody thought that I had, I wanted to make sure I could prove that I hadn't.


Here's the reply e-mail I got from Goodreads just before:



For a closer look:



Being a writer I will overlook the misuse of "you're" but I wanted to show you guys the full print screen too so you can see it's unedited and whatever. You just never know what someone or some site is going to accuse you of next.


So if anybody had any doubts about my credibility, I hope this helps restore some faith in me. I won't stand for spammers, even when it concerns my own book. Thanks for reading. Feel free to reblog, it feels good to clear my name :)