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Final reveal a HUGE let down

The Broken - Shelley Coriell

***This mini-review has also been posted on The Social Potato

The Broken was a thoroughly entertaining read to say the least, and I probably would have rated it higher had the actual revelation behind the mystery not been a complete buzzkill.

Aside from the revelation, another issue I had was the multiple POVs, but in the end I got used to them since the two main characters did remain in the spotlight.

I think one of my favorite things about this book were the secondary characters. I had so much fun reading about them. There was a large variety amongst them and even the ones who didn’t play a huge role in the book as a whole were interesting to read about.

The main characters were well developed, and I really enjoyed being inside their heads. Kate has a messy past which has made her into a person who doesn’t trust easily, but she had found a place for herself in the world by working hard. Of course, being attacked changed that and she has been in hiding for the past couple of years. Her fear is palpable and she is such an easy character to get behind. You cannot help but cheer for her.

Hayden is an equally intriguing character who in spite of being somewhat of a cliché is characterized wonderfully. He is a hard worker and believes in justice and goes to great lengths to make it happen. This, of course, doesn’t leave much room for a personal life and of course, the kind of work he does has caused him to toughen up to the point where people have called him "soulless".

This, obviously, changes when he meets Kate, and I have to say, the romance between the two is satisfying. It is slow burn in a weird sense and while there is attraction from the get-go, it morphs into something more as the two spend more time in each other’s company. The reason I say weird sense is because this whole book takes place over the course of mere weeks so… one could claim that their romance is a case of "insta", but I never felt that way.

The mystery itself wasn't an issue but when things unravelled, I felt seriously let down. All the running around in circles and red herrings had been for nothing and I was just really disappointed.

Aside from that, even though the book is seemingly long, it is a rather quick read and the pages fly by. It’s entertaining and will definitely keep you on your toes trying to solve the mystery.